Vosmik E&C



The cooperation with DECA s.r.l. company allows us to introduce their products - fin-tube heat exchangers of the top quality and smart design. The wide range of products covers a lot of industrial applications. This brand is a synonym for custom solutions and proven reliability for engineers and designers for more than 50-year.

Air heaters, gas coolers, oil coolers, steam condensers and other devices for thermal processes use finned or smooth tube or tube assemblies with fins in various combinations of materials. The surface finish could be painting, galvanized or blasting glass beads (stainless steel).


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The product are designed to wide range of application:

  • industial air cooling
  • HVAC systems
  • water cooling of diesel and gas engines
  • oil cooling by air
  • preheaters of air for boiler plants
  • air heating in paper hood systems, drying in textile machines
  • air coolers of eletric equipment and power transformers
  • hydrocarbon condenser
  • industrial process water cooling
  • inter and after coolers
  • solvent recovery by condensation
  • steam condenser

The design and production could be done according to international standards and directives:

  • AD 2000, API 661, ASME VIII div.1, PD 5500, ISPESL VSR-VSG, 97/23/CE (PED)